Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stephen Barrett- Casewatch.org Review

Three years ago I was working for an FDA approved alternative cancer treatment called Hyperthermia. I was the webmaster and IT guy.

The doctor called me one day and asked me: : "Is the website up? We are not getting ANY calls from new-potential patients" At that time 75% of the patients came from the internet.

I checked, traffic was as good as usual, about 500 unique visitors a week, but I found something disturbing in the first page of Google: when you Google the name of the doctor owner of the clinic, there was a website named "casewatch.org" coming up first and second, posting an accusation against our doctor by the medical board. Stephen Barret "forgot" to say that the Medical Board closed the case leaving the doctor in full capacity to practice medicine.

Stephen Barrett's miss lead Casewatch and Quackwatch readers, writing about the accusations the patients file before the medical board, and he does not post when the cases are resolved. You can see it your self on his posts.

When a lawyer contact him, Stephen Barrett makes fun of the lawyer and post all the private correspondence on his site. He has no discrimination or sense of understanding, as well as no idea what is he commenting about. His ignorance on the Alternative and Complementary medicine are without LIMITS.

I was puzzle to learn how much power that casewatch.org site had.

I browsed through it and I found more than 200 posting done by Stephen Barrett MD, owner of the casewatch.org site, discrediting alternative medicine doctors, and ONLY ALTERNATIVE medicine!

I was disturbed by learning that prestigious doctors like Deepak Chopra, MD and others were the target of Stephen Barrett, MD.

I have never seen such a malice done in the internet!

Why Stephen Barrett is doing that? Discrediting other colleges for what?

I found out later that Stephen Barrett relinquished to his Psychiatrist medical license and dedicated his life, energy, and time (not his money) to just criticize most of the alternative medicine practitioners without even knowing about the subject!

Here are some links that will shed some light to the subject. Just Google Stephen Barrett MD:

I would like to ask you to post your comments after you do your home work, educating your self about Stephen Barret. Thanks!

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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
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There is a lot more. I leave it to you to research about Stephen Barrett.

I would like to ask you to post your comments after you do your home work, educating your self about Stephen Barret.

Thank you very much!!!